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Pakistan should not lag behind in developing economic ties with Iran

The Express Tribune | Zafar Bhutta  ISLAMABAD: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Islamabad in March this year was a significant development in the wake of the removal of international sanctions from Tehran.
As part of intense diplomatic moves, it was aimed at kick-starting bilateral relationship that had become stuck over the past decade or so.

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Pak among top apparel producers with huge job potential: WB

Daily Times | PPI  KARACHI: A World Bank report has said that top four apparel producers in South Asia - Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka - have made big investments in world apparel trade and account for 12 percent of global apparel exports.
According to the report issued from World Bank, at a time when nearly one million people are expected to enter the workforce every month for the next three decades, export-oriented apparel production in India and other South Asian countries has the potential to create more and better jobs.

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Pakistan, China to join hands with Afghanistan to bring peace, stability

Daily Times | Online  BEIJING/KABUL – Pakistan and China have reaffirmed to work closely with the Afghan government on Sunday in an effort to bring peace and stability in the country, according to Tolo news service.
The statement was issued after a meeting held at Beijing between Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz and China's Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi. Sartaj is attending the fifth Foreign Ministers meeting of the conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) in China.

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F-16 aircraft purchase deal still on paper

Daily Pakistan | Ali Zain  ISLAMABAD (Staff Report) – Pakistani Foreign Office has said that proposed deal of purchase of eight F-16 aircraft from US is still under discussion between the two countries.
Foreign Office Spokesman Nafees Zakariya, while commenting on media reports regarding the cutting of financial subsidy for the sale of the aircraft by the United States, said United States and Pakistan have not put the deal on hold.

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F-16s right platform for Pakistan’s counterterrorism war: US

DAWN | ANWAR IQBAL  WASHINGTON: A day after Congress suspended US funding for the F-16s deal, the State Department acknowledged that Pakistan needs those aircraft for its antiterrorism activities.
“We believe they’re the right platform to support Pakistan’s counterterrorism efforts, and have been a part of the successful pushback, if you will, or in past operations against some of the militant groups that are active in Pakistan,” the department’s deputy spokesman, Mark Toner, told a news briefing.

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Consolidation of democracy top US priority in Pakistan: Olson

DAWN | THE NEWSPAPER'S CORRESPONDENT  WASHINGTON: The US administration has informed Congress that the consolidation of democratic institutions is one of its key initiatives in Pakistan.
Ambassador Richard Olson conveyed this message while justifying the $742 million US assistance for Pakistan during a hearing on next fiscal year’s budget proposals at the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

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Congress at odds with US govt over F-16s

DAWN | ANWAR IQBAL  WASHINGTON: The US Congress has decided not to subsidise the sale of eight F-16s Pakistan intends to buy from the United States until Islamabad takes some “specific actions” against the militants who use Pakistani territory to carry out attacks inside Afghanistan.
The Obama administration, however, still contends it is in US interest to go ahead with the sale. “Key members of Congress have been clear they are not prepared to support FMF (foreign military financing) for the F-16s absent some specific actions,” a State Department official told Dawn. “I would direct you to them for anything further on their position.”

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Ex-envoys of Pakistan, India say talks the only way

DAWN |   NEW DELHI: Former high commissioners from India and Pakistan, in an unusual meeting here on Friday, called for both sides to remain engaged in talks despite the obvious difficulties on the road to peace.
Meeting under the auspices of the Ananta Aspen Centre ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s high-profile visit to Washington in May, the envoys were of the firm view that the recent unofficial meeting between the foreign secretaries of both sides was a positive step towards normalisation of their ties.

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