CMEA Functions


Observe latest developments in the Middle East and Africa and their significance for Pakistan and the international community.

Contribute in-depth research and analysis of issues related to the Middle East and Africa, particularly issues of overlapping and mutual interest to Pakistan with the aim to strengthen regional and state level ties.

Organize and promote dialogue and debate on political, security, economic, and social aspects of the Middle East and Africa countries, with the focus on relevance for Pakistan; and to identify areas of convergence through national and international seminars, conference, roundtables and workshops.

Maintain a data bank of the salient aspects of the Middle East and Africa countries for ready reference.

Establish contacts with relevant experts, practitioners, organizations and think tanks of ME&A regions.

Disseminate publications of the Centre widely through research projects, articles, reports, papers, monographs, books, newsletters as well as a weekly monitor on the latest developments.