Comment-Trump Visits China

U.S. President Donald Trump has been warming up ties with China . As part of the third leg of his 12-day marathon Asian tour, he arrived in Beijing on 8 November for a three-day state visit to exchange in-depth views on issues and concerns of both sides. His visit to Beijing looks highly fruitful, rewarding, and full of mutual gains to overcome mutual uncertainties on a number of matters, trade issues, and North Korea. Trump exchanged a warmer tone with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Both leaders’ chemistry also worked well during talks. Xi commented that “China-U.S. ties are now at new historic starting point.”

Earlier, Trump visited Tokyo and Seoul. In Tokyo, he taken a relatively tougher stance on the issue of North Korea but turned to a soft stance in Seoul and offered a deal to North Korea to come to thenegotiating table. In China , Trump remained further soft on mutual issues with China , trade, and North Korea, which was seen as a sea change in Trump’s policy toward China since coming into power. Xi held a grand ceremony to welcome him at the Great Hall of the People on 9 November.

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