Gender Aspect of Conflict and Peacebuilding: Opportunities for Women in Pakistan

To grasp the intersection of women, peace and conflict in both war affected and peace setting, we have to understand the social, political and economic status of women in a society. We have to see the religious impact in shaping women’s role in peace building in conflict zones and the existing challenges and opportunities.

In many societies, cultural traditions, social practices, intensifying ideological religious and ethnic passion and low literacy have left women increasingly vulnerable. They have been tortured and targeted for being educators, for holding important positions, for resisting discrimination and violence against themselves and their families.

Historically religion and religious norms have played an important role in shaping the public policies and public life around the world. Some countries may experience the impact of religion on their public life more than other. It has an impact on the social standing of both women and men. However, in a conservative religious society this impact is far more on women than on men. This is particularly so when in a conflict-ridden society, religion operates as an institution.

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