Issue Brief on “BLA’s Designation: A Sign of Improving Pak-US Relations”


In a recent move by United States in July 2019, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has been listed as Specially Designated Global Terrorist Group (SDGT). The decision by US was highly appreciated by Pakistan as this move will limit the terrorist activities of this Indian-sponsored group in Baluchistan.[1] BLA is a global terrorist organization listed by Pakistan, United Kingdom and United States. Initially, the group started terrorist activities on small scale in Baluchistan in 2004 against the State of Pakistan. Its main area of operation during the past was Baluchistan with involvement in attacks against innocent civilians, security forces and foreigners.  Pakistan has already declared BLA as a proscribed organization since 2006. However, this terrorist outfit is still managing to survive and is responsible for several attacks in Baluchistan and across the country. Pakistani security agencies have been fighting terrorists in Baluchistan for over two decades ago now. The problem of militancy by BLA attracted international attention when it targeted both Chinese personnel and projects under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in Pakistan. Recent attacks included bombing of the Chinese Consulate in Karachi in November 2018 and Gwadar Hotel attack in May 2019.

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