Issue Brief on “Yemen: Saudi Coalition Struggles to Retake Hodeidah Port”


On July 21, 2018 the Yemeni government struggled to take back control of the Hodeidah port as the Saudi-led coalition had failed to occupy it through continuous military pressure against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.[1]Yemeni Prime Minister Obeid bin Daghr also expressed his trust in the Saudi-led coalition – which primarily comprises of Saudi Arabia and the UAE – to move forward with their campaign and bring back state control in the affected areas.[2]

The Yemen war has been claimed by the UN to be the “worst humanitarian crisis” and has left the country with an insufficient health care system and millions in dire need of international aid.[3] In 2017, a UN Human Rights report called the Yemen crisis an “entirely man-made catastrophe.”[4] The UN estimated 10.4 million people at risk from starvation supports this statement.[5]

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