Issue Brief on “The Manchester Attack”

Britain has decided to deploy military personnel at public events in the aftermath of a monstrous suicide attack which had hit the foyer area of the Manchester Arena on May 22, 2017. ┬áThe threat level in the United Kingdom has been raised from ‘severe’ to ‘critical’, and more Manchester-like incidents are anticipated.

The unfortunate carnage took place at the end of a concert by a popular young singer Ariana Grande in Manchester. The Arena is one of the largest music venues in Europe with a capacity to hold 21,000 people. Apart from the 22 killed, 75 people hurt in the attack are being treated for life-threatening injuries. The death toll is the second worst of its kind Britain has suffered since the 7/7 bombing in 2005, when London transport network was bombed and 52 people were killed. Salman Abedi, a Briton of Libyan descent has been identified as the suicide bomber. Abedi studied business at Salford University but dropped out before completing his degree.

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