Managing Business and Projects with Chinese Enterprises


Abstract—China its people, language they speak and their culture is unique in many ways. This also reflects in the way they accomplish their tasks and commitments. There are specific challenges faced by all in China. First and foremost is the language difference followed by the cultural differences and challenges arising out of different working styles. In this paper, the best ways to manage business and projects in China, as per experience of author are discussed. Solutions to specific problems have also been identified and presented in this paper.


China is the second largest economy and biggest exporter in the world. Despite the recent slowing of its economy, GDP Annual Growth Rate in China is expected to be around 6.50 percent by the end of 2016. International estimates predict China to become the world’s biggest economy within the next few decades. Keeping in view, the recent development China’s progress and development is now closely linked with progress of Pakistan. The China – Pakistan Economical Corridor (CPEC) and the investments / projects that it brings to Pakistan has been termed as a Game Changer. It is therefore imperative that the Chinese Project Management Strategies and Methods be studied and understood.

Chinese methods of accomplishing tasks are complex and research is essential for success. Getting to understand Chinese trends takes time and patience. It is all about trust and relationships. Long-term relationships are a key to being successful in the Chinese market. Once trust is established, you can achieve desired results much faster.

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