Strategic Studies

From the Editor’s Desk Masood Khan
South Asian Strategic Paradox: India-Pakistan Nuclear Flux Dr Zulfqar Khan and Rubina Waseem
Indian Missile Defence Development: Implications for Deterrence Stability in South Asia Ghazala Yasmin Jalil
South Asian Nuclear Thresholds: Repercussions of Cold Start Doctrine and Tactical Nuclear Weapons Malik Qasim Mustafa
Parliamentary Track 1 ½ Diplomacy: An Effective Tool for Peace-making Shazia Rafi
The TV-Terrorism Relationship: Investigating the Symbiosis Notion Dr M. Zubair Iqbal
Examining Pakistan’s Strategic Decision to Support the US War on Terror Dr Tughral Yamin
The Middle East in Flux: How Should Pakistan Respond? Kashif Mumtaz
Book Reviews
Fields of Blood: Religion and the History of Violence. Karen Armstrong. London: The Bodley Head, 2014. Pp. 499. Najam Rafique
Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrialisation to the Globalisation of Democracy. Francis Fukuyama. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014. Pp. 658. Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik
A Mirror to Power: Notes on Fractured Decade. M. J. Akbar. Uttar Pradesh: Harper Collins Publishers, India, 2015. Pp. 307. Mir Sher Baz Khetran
Sudden Justice: America’s Secret Drone Wars. Chris Woods. London: Hurst & Company, 2015. Pp. 386. Mahrukh Khan