Case of US Unilateralism at the UN



The new world order has been instrumental in shaping and promoting multilateralism over the last seven decades. The end of the World War II led to the evolution of a world order where multilateral organisations and multilateral treaties have paved the path for a stable and better world. However, the current rise in unilateral tendencies undermines the edifice of the contemporary world order. The United Nations (UN) being one of the global bodies has been instrumental in promoting multilateralism and norm-setting in the international arena. However, the recent rise in unilateral tendencies has undermined the UN’s role quite significantly. All the reasons that underpinned the flourishing of multilateral institutions after the World War II remain valid today. However, big powers continue to undermine multilateralism at all global forums. This paper will attempt to explore the present rise of the United States (US) in moving towards unilateralism and how it has shunned it at the UN as well.

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