Review and Publication Guidelines

  1. Strategic Studies publishes original work that is not submitted and published previously anywhere else and its publication in Strategic Studies is approved by author(s).
  2. Strategic Studies’ in-house editors assess all submitted manuscripts for content analysis, language and plagiarism.
  3. Editorial decision-making is the discretion of Editor regarding publication of an article. The process involves initial evaluation by in-house editors, following the certification from the author(s), plagiarism check and approval, the article is put into blind external review process i.e. (One national and one foreign review) and subject to clearance from both the reviewers, author(s) is asked for amendments suggested by reviewers. Decisions and cross-check about corrections are made by the journal’s in-house editors. This process involves consultation with the authors of the paper, but the in-house editors make the final decision when it comes to editing and formatting.
  4. Strategic Studies keeps all details about a submitted manuscript confidential and does not comment about manuscripts that are either under consideration or that have been rejected.
  5. After a manuscript is submitted, correspondence with Strategic Studies, referees’ reports, and other confidential material, regardless of whether or not the submission is eventually published, must not be posted on any website or otherwise publicized without prior permission. The Editorial Board Members of Strategic Studies themselves are not allowed to discuss manuscripts with third parties or to reveal information about correspondence and other interactions with authors and referees.
  6. Referees of manuscripts submitted to Strategic Studies undertake in advance to maintain the confidentiality of manuscripts and any associated supplementary data.
  7. Copyrights for articles are retained by the authors, with first publication rights granted to Strategic Studies. Authors have the right to reuse, republish, archive and distribute their articles after publication. The journal/publisher is not responsible for subsequent uses of the work. Authors shall permit the Strategic Studies and Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad to apply a DOI to their articles and to archive them in databases and indexes such as EBSCO, DOAJ, and ProQuest.
  8. Strategic Studies does not charge and pay any fee for publishing an article to the author(s). However, we only pay for solicited articles.