Call for Papers

Submission Timeline

Strategic Studies caters submitted manuscript for publication as per the following submission timeline.

  1. For Spring Issue ( No. 1 March), submission deadline is 1 September – 30 September.
  2. For Summer Issue ( No. 2 June), submission deadline is 1 December – 31 December.
  3. For Autumn Issue ( No. 3 September), submission deadline is 1 March – 30 March.
  4. For Winter Issue ( No.4 December), submission deadline is 1 June- 30 June.

    Publication Timeline

    Strategic Studies adheres to the following steps in terms of the publication timeline of a submitted manuscript.  

    Initial Manuscript Evaluation All the submissions are screened in entirety in terms of scope, research methodology, format, language, and adherence to the guidelines for authors on our website. Usually, the report of the initial review is shared with the authors within a few weeks.  

    Review and Publication Process

    Strategic Studies employs a double-blind review process, where both the referee and the author remain anonymous. After initial evaluation and acceptance of the manuscript, the review process usually takes 60 to 90 days, given the availability of both the reviewers (National and Foreign).

    Final Decision and Time of Publication

    The ISSI Editorial Team reserves the right to reject the manuscript for publication at any stage. The final publication of approved and peer-reviewed manuscripts is subject to the availability of slots in the Journal. All necessary decisions/steps of publication will be communicated to the author(s).