Call for Papers

We follow the following deadlines/timeline for the submissions of articles for our quarterly issues.

    Journal Issue         Submission Deadline
  Spring Issue (March, No.1)         End of September
  Summer Issue (June, No.2)         End of December
  Autumn Issue (September, No.3)         End of March
  Winter Issue (December, No.4)         End of June

Please do refer to our website for further details about our Institute, Scope of Journal and Author Guidelines.

SOPs- For Publication of External Contributions

The ISSI may publish articles/books written by external authors (those not working in the ISSI) in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. Relevance

  • The subject of the article/book must be relevant to the mandate of ISSI.

2. Editing

  • Costs for editing of BOOK by a recognized Editor to be borne by the author.
  • ARTICLES costs can be accommodated by ISSI in its quarterly journal/or Islamabad Papers.

3. Peer Review

  • Book:

– Where possible, the cost of one national peer review will be borne by ISSI.

  • Article: To be borne by ISSI as relevant.

4. Printing

  • Book:

– Because of government regulations, costs for printing should be borne by the author where possible. .

  • Article: To be borne by ISSI as relevant.

5. Promotion/Launch

  • Book:

– ISSI will arrange for launch of printed book.

  • Article: Articles printed in ISSI publications and posted on ISSI website.

6. Distribution

  • Book:

– 75% of the books will belong to the author for sale as they desire.

– 25% will be kept by ISSI for distribution to libraries and think tanks on its mailing list, both within and outside the country.

  • Article: ISSI will circulate to its mailing list under its publications.

7. Royalty Management.

  • Book:

i. Since the cost of editing and publishing is to be borne by the author, the
royalty and sale proceeds from book would be split at 75% for author and
25% for ISSI. .

ii. Author may be handed over books in lieu of proceeds equal to 75% of the
copies published.

iii. Point i. and ii. may be negotiated with author before getting into written

iv. ISSI reserves the rights to decline the author’s request.

8. Distribution

  • Review Clause

    These SOPs will be reviewed by ISSI management in the month of June every year.