Press Release – Report Launch – CPSC Special Study 2022 titled “Towards Geo-Economics: Engaging East Asia”


Press Release
Report Launch – CPSC Special Study 2022
“Towards Geo-Economics: Engaging East Asia”
September 07, 2022

China-Pakistan Study Centre (CPSC) at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) launched CPSC Special Study 2022 titled, “Towards Geo-Economics: Engaging East Asia” on September 07, 2022. The chief guest of the event was Ambassador Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Other distinguished speakers included: Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, DG ISSI; Dr.Talat Shabbir, Director CPSC; Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi, former ambassador to China; Raja Amir Iqbal, former president Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce; and  Mr. Majyd Aziz, former president Karachi Chamber of Commerce.

The Chief Guest, Ambassador Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, said that Pakistan recognises the economic significance of the East Asian region. In this regard, MOFA has been giving special focus to the region that how to enhance our economic relations with the East Asian countries. She further added, we are seeing that some nations are pursuance the polices of protectionism and narrow interest at global arena that is disrupting global supply chains. Therefore, Pakistan is expending the area of collaboration with East Asian nations. She highlighted that recommendations mentioned in the report are “very helpful for MOFA and for the student of International Relations.”

Earlier in his introductory remarks, Dr. Talat Shabbir, welcomed all the guests and said that Pakistan, has been pursuing close partnership with countries of East Asia, collectively and bilaterally, via its “Vision East Asia.” It was a recognition of East Asia’s strategic significance coupled with the region’s economic prowess that makes it an attractive site for regional and global powers. Dr. Shabbir added that CPSC Special Study 2022 is an effort to highlight Pakistan’s need to reinvigorates its political, economic and cultural linkages with ASEAN and East Asia as a whole.

In his Welcome remarks, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, said that there were two basis CPSC undertook a report on this area: first, Pakistan’s national security policy has given a high priority to the geo-economics and second, we truly believe that by focusing on geo economic we can bolster our overall security which includes economic security as well as human security. He extended his appreciation for the team CPSC for undertaking an important study.

In her remarks, Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi, stated what makes ASEAN nations so prosperous and moving forward as a good political force, despite their numerous disputes? It is their focus on socioeconomic development and cooperation on the areas of common interests which is a key to their success. She said that there are lessons for Pakistan to learn from East Asian nations and emulate itself. She underscored that the success stories of East Asian nations should be disseminated across the country that people could see how East Asian region alleviated itself from poverty and became a house to the world’s leading economies. She highlighted that the report has laid down valuable recommendations especially how Pakistan can further enhance its relations with the East Asian nations. She congratulated ISSI for “bringing yet another extremely well research study.”

Raja Amir Iqbal said that there is a need to address all the issues and provide a conducive environment for doing business, trade and commerce in Pakistan. He highlighted the importance of business friendly policies and said that consistencies in these policies are equally important. He stated that we need to adopt advance machinery to enhance the capacity and efficiency of our industrial sector. He urged that Pakistan should learn lesson from East Asian nations especially from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Republic of Korea and Japan. He mentioned that CPSC has produced “wonderful and good Report.” The report is a big achievement for ISSI and a source of useful information for business community to further enhance their knowledge about the region.

In his remarks, Mr. Majyd Aziz, said this study should be an eye opener for us to formulate a comprehensive policy toward East Asia. Pakistan has the potential to exports a lot of commodities to East Asia and we need to remove all impediments for Pakistani business community while doing trade and commerce with the region.

Following the remarks of the guest speakers, DG ISSI along with CPSC team, esteemed speakers and diplomats formally launched CPSC Special Study 2022.