1. Germany, Pakistan agree to work together on Afghanistan
2.Indian officials hold first talks with Taliban in Afghanistan
3. Afghanistan Exports to Pakistan Mark Historic Rise
4. Explosion in Kabul Targets Kabul Municipality’s Head of District 4
5. UNSC calls for reversal of Taliban policies on women, girls
6. Afghan female journalists defiant as Taliban restrictions grow
7. Ex-Afghan president likely did not flee Afghanistan with millions, report finds
8. 6 more former govt officials return to Uruzgan
9. Anas Haqqani Outlines Ways to Overcome Nation’s Poverty
 10.‘Daesh Weapons Cache’ Destroyed in Parwan: Officials
11. WFP Local Officer: More Humanitarian Aid Funding Needed
 12.Baradar Assures Potential Investors of Security
13. Taliban willing to send Afghan troops to India for training: Mullah Yaqoob
Middle East
14. ​ India and Israel: The arms trade in charts and numbers
15. Hezbollah ‘ready’ to use force if Lebanon says Israel violating water rights
16. France’s Macron holds calls with Jordan’s king, Palestinian president
17. Lebanon warns against any Israeli ‘aggression’ in disputed waters
18. Houthi militia commits 464 breaches to UN truce in five days
19. Muscat and Tehran sign deals to develop gas pipelines, oil field
20.Turkey tells Russia it will respond to destabilising moves in north Syria
21. Cyprus to UN: Turkey seeks full control of breakaway north
22. Pakistan asks Iran to raise power export by 100MW
23.​ Mali military promises return to civilian rule in March 2024
24.More than 200,000 face starvation in Somalia as rains fail: UN
25.Over 18 people dead in rebel attack in eastern DR Congo
26.Putin, African Union head meet Friday to discuss food crisis