I. US Envoys Warns New Violence Threatens Afghan Peace Process
II. Modi’s Himalayan Dilemma
Amid tensions at Ladakh, India bought high altitude warfare kits from US on ‘urgent basis’: Report
McMaster says Trump’s Taliban deal is Munich-like appeasement
V. Pakistan Opposition Holds Mass Rally Calling for PM Khan to Go
VI. Pentagon estimates cost of new nuclear missiles at $95.8B
VII. China’s nightmare scenario of an ‘eastern Nato’ starts to take shape. Donald Trump isn’t the only reason
VIII. Boeing to develop supersonic ramjet missile demonstrator for US Navy
IX. I. U.S., U.K. Navies Working to Achieve ‘Interchangeability’ in Carrier Forces, Collaboration on Unmanned and AI
X. Mosaic warfare, a peep into multi-domain battle space


I. Moscow’s Game with Syrian Kurds
II. Two-Thirds of Russians See US as the Biggest Enemy
III. Russia, Egypt to Hold Joint Drills in the Black Sea
IV. Russia says it hopes to resolve differences on extending nuclear arms pact with U.S.
V. India gives go-ahead to domestic trial of Russia’s pioneering ‘Sputnik V’ Covid-19 vaccine
VI. Medvedev: the work of the icebreaker “Arktika” will be the key to continuous navigation in the North
VII. Turkey tests Russian-made S-400 defence system: Reports
VIII. Putin: the turnover of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus in the world market could reach $ 100 billion
IX. Coronavirus surge tests U.S. and European resolve
X. What role is Russia playing in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict?
XI. How Russia Views Afghanistan Today
XII. Russia planned cyber-attack on Tokyo Olympics, says UK
XIII. Lavrov says crisis in Council of Europe showed that ultimatums are unacceptable
XIV. Press review: Russia doubts Turkish peace plan and foils Trump’s ploy for election points
XV. Ireland Moves Back to Lockdown as Europe Seeks to Defeat Virus


I. Focus on fundamentals as COVID-19 caseloads rise: WHO
II. Stand in solidarity with world’s poor, UN chief says in message for International Day
III. Israel stops issuing visas to UN human rights agency
IV. UN refugee agency’s Rohingya fund half a billion dollars short
V. WFP: $6.8bn needed in six months to avert famine amid COVID-19


I. SBP Weekly Data Report
II. US would have saved $10 trillion if it handled COVID-19 ‘as well as Pakistan’, says economist
III. ‘Economic outreach roadmap envisages improved trade’
IV. ‘Heading in the right direction’: Pakistan sees record 1Q current account surplus
V. 8th Iran-Pakistan Joint Border Trade Committee meeting kicks off in Quetta
VI. Circular debt jumps 30pc to Rs2.15tr in FY20
VII. Dubious economic nobility
VIII. SME sector a priority for State Bank
IX. China just overtook US as the world’s largest economy, IMF says
X. World Economic Outlook, October 2020: A Long and Difficult Ascent
XI. Worried about weak oil demand, OPEC pledges action
XII. COVID-19 may inflict a decade of economic pain to Mideast, Central Asia, IMF says
XIII. Novartis acquires manufacturing facility to produce medicines in Pakistan
XIV. SBP governor inaugurates first ‘urban forest’ project
XV. Getting to the Heart of the (Particulate) Matter
XVI. Debt is a climate issue – Climate Weekly
XVII. Peru and Switzerland sign ‘world first’ carbon offset deal under Paris Agreement
XVIII. Oxfam: Rich countries are not delivering on $100bn climate finance promise
XIX. China hits out at US climate record, in pointed message ahead of election