Ø  Why Pakistan’s Army Wants the U.S. Back in the Region
Ø  US withdrawal from Afghanistan creates new opportunities, says Pakistan envoy
Ø  US, Pakistan Navy conduct exercises for maritime security
Ø  Afghanistan faces widespread hunger amid worsening humanitarian crisis
Ø  Taliban to hold meeting in Norway next week
Ø  Pakistan’s National Security Policy: A policy rooted in delusions and wishful thinking
Ø  Tens of Thousands of Afghans Who Fled The Taliban Are Now Marooned in America’s Broken Immigration Bureaucracy
Ø  Biden’s Gaffes Now Matter
Ø  Biden’s China Policy Needs To Be More Than Just Trump Lite
Ø  Gender, Climate Change, and Security: Making the Connections
Ø  In Focus: U.S. Foreign Assistance
Ø  In Focus: Ukrainian Armed Forces
Ø  At UN, Pakistan pushes for unfreezing Afghanistan’s bank assets to boost economy, save lives
Ø  Pakistan’s UN Envoy Lambasts India’s Actions
Ø  Military Solution For Syria Remains ‘An Illusion’: Pedersen
Ø  ‘We Cannot Abandon The People Of Afghanistan’ Guterres Tells Security Council
Ø  More Than 50 Million Worldwide Hit By Urban Conflict
Ø  Rising Caseloads, Disrupted Recovery, Higher Inflation: New IMF Forecast
Ø  General Assembly President Urges Solidarity, Hope, Laying Out 2022 Agenda


Ø  US and NATO responses fail to address Russia’s main concerns, says Foreign
Minister Lavrov
Ø  European Union re-establishes physical presence in Afghanistan – spokesman

Ø  EU calls on Israel to stop demolitions in East Jerusalem’%20evictions%20are%20against,tensions%2C%20 says%20foreign%20policy%20spokesperson&text=The%20European%20Union%20has%20urged,
Ø  Russia set to continue dialogue on Ukraine, defending its national interests – diplomat
Ø  Russia is interested in good relations with Europe, Medvedev says
Ø  Russia considers Taliban contacts a step towards recognition – MFA
Ø  Russia proposes US returns American nuclear weapons from NATO countries stateside
Ø  Lukashenka promised to help Russia in case of military aggression against it
Ø  Macron says Europe is preparing ‘common response’ in case of Russian aggression
Ø  France advises against travel to Ukraine as NATO beefs up eastern flank
Ø  France’s Macron to talk to Putin on Friday about Ukraine
Ø  Russia, Italy managed to keep economic cooperation at high level during pandemic – Putin
Ø  Russia’s international reserves reach record-high $639.6 bln – Central Bank
Ø  Beijing appreciates Lavrov’s remarks about Russian Chinese relations
Ø  German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to meet President Joe Biden at the White House
Ø  Germany ready to slap Nord Stream 2 with sanctions – Foreign Minister
Ø  Germany charges Russian scientist accused of spying
Ø  LGBTQ+ rights: Germany appoints first ‘commissioner for queer affairs’
Ø  Russia, Ukraine agree to uphold cease-fire in Normandy talks


Ø  SBP Weekly Data Report
Ø  Pakistan needs to put ‘economic house in order’, says Qureshi
Ø  T-bills yields cut by up to 68bps Ø  Pakistan’s dollar inflows climb to 9.27b mark in first half of FY22
Ø  Pakistan launches $1bn Ijara Sukuk in global market
Ø  IMF board to now meet on February 2 for Pakistan’s sixth review
Ø  Ministry sees further hike in inflation
Ø  Current account deficit climbs to $9.1b in first half of FY2022
Ø  Exports to China surge 69pc to $3.6bn in 2021
Ø  Omicron, external pressures, inflation threaten to retard growth: govt
Ø  The National Security Policy has elicited a wide spectrum of responses from the business community
Ø  Foreign investors repatriate $891 million
Ø  Central bank abandons positive real interest rate goal: SBP governor
Ø  Monetary policy: SBP maintains interest rate at 9.75%
Ø  The Analytical Angle: Need for youth-centred sustainable economic and social growth in Pakistan
Ø  Unabated borrowing poses economic challenges, warns UNDP
Ø  Growing exchange rate challenges
Ø  ‘Biden’s economic agenda modern supply-side economics’
Ø  Power production hits record high Ø  Human-friendly technological innovations Ø  IMF slashes global growth outlook amid Omicron hit
Ø  Oil falls from seven-year high as Russia tensions offset Fed tightening
Ø  Challenges for existing energy plans and future options
Ø  Wheat squeezed from all sides
Ø  Health and the NSP
Ø  ‘Climate change affects women most’ Ø  Pakistan to burn more domestic coal despite climate pledge
Ø  Pakistan needs $2.5b to pursue green initiatives in next decade
Ø  Climate change: ‘Fragile win’ at COP26 summit under threat