Ø  India and Pakistan at 75: Prospects for the FutureØ  Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan accelerated downward spiral in polls

Ø  Russia and Iran Threats Put Missile Defense Back on the Agenda

Ø  Why No One Was in Charge in Afghanistan

Ø  Last Days in Afghanistan: Reflections on the U.S. Withdrawal

Ø  Brief: The United Arab Emirates (UAE): Issues for U.S. Policy

Ø  The China Trap

Ø  Can the Taliban Be Contained?

Ø  Report: The Return of Great Power War; Scenarios of Systemic Conflict between the United States and China

Ø  Reflections on the fall of Kabul One Year Later

Ø   Report: Setting the Right Conditions for Aid to Afghanistan—and Other Nations as Well

Ø  Reflecting on women’s rights in Afghanistan one year after the fall of Kabul

Ø  Afghanistan One Year Later: Consequences & Responsibilities

Ø  Humanitarian funding still needed for ‘pure catastrophe’ situation in Afghanistan

Ø  Conference opens to draft first-ever treaty on ocean’s biological diversity


Ø  Austria commits to neutrality, even as Russia destroys UkraineØ  First food aid shipment bound for Africa leaves Ukrainian port

Ø  Guterres, Erdoğan to meet Zelenskyy in Ukraine this week

Ø  China to send troops to Russia for joint military exercises

Ø  Russia says it moved hypersonic missiles to Kaliningrad region

Ø  Germany’s Chancellor Scholz faces grilling over financial scandal

Ø  Gas crisis: Germans rush to stock up on coal for winter warmth

Ø  EU considers Iran’s response on nuclear deal talks

Ø  Latvia and Estonia leave China-backed East Europe forum in new setback for Beijing

Ø  Germany cuts tax on gas as prices rise amid war in Ukraine

Ø  Russia, Tajik security councils’ secretaries worried by terrorist activity in Afghanistan

Ø  Moscow, Tehran working on Iranian minister’s visit to Russian capital, embassy says

Ø  Russia-China trade grows at extraordinary pace in 2022 – Russian MFA

Ø  US preparing additional $800m in military aid for Ukraine: Report


Ø  SBP Weekly Data ReportØ  Govt commits more taxes as IMF board meets on 29th

Ø  ‘Too early’, ‘nothing major’: Experts on govt’s move to scrap import ban

Ø  Pakistan emerges as 24th largest economy in 75-year journey

Ø  SBP allows exchange firms to export foreign currecies other than US dollar

Ø  Nascent recovery, what next?

Ø  Education, exports key to reviving economy

Ø  A lamentable tale of neglect

Ø  Pakistan adopts WTO’s trade deal to cut business costs

Ø  Trend of rising remittances reverses in July

Ø  Industry hit by exchange rate volatility

Ø  Pakistan’s debt burden up Rs11.8tr in FY22

Ø  Imports of oil, food surge

Ø  A charter of economic reforms

Ø  Changing geopolitics

Ø  Understanding balance of payments crisis

Ø  A disappointing trajectory

Ø  Non-textile exports contract 11pc in July

Ø  Big industry output expands 11.7pc in FY22

Ø  Iran can fulfil Pakistan’s gas, energy demands, says Miftah Ismail

Ø  Oil prices head for weekly drop on global economic slowdown worries

Ø  Social costs of extreme weather

Ø  Agri’s 75 years of success and stagnation

Ø  Pakistan, China join hands to achieve food security

Ø  Climate change and Pakistan

Ø  Who is profiting from the extreme heat in urban Pakistan?

Ø  More than 600 killed in rains and floods, Pakistan forms committee on climate change


Ø  Rethinking how youth learn about climate change