Ø  FM Bilawal sees Pakistan, US relations moving ahead positively

Ø  US offers help with TTP threat, India rivalry

Ø  Blinken offers ‘resolute’ US support to Pakistan to counter terror

Ø  Pakistan confronts the collapse of its friendship with the Taliban

Ø  Budget deal falls far short on Biden’s promise of climate aid

Ø  Pakistan’s foreign minister pitches more global aid and investment—and ‘less chaos’

Ø  Mr. Zelensky Goes to Washington

Ø  Pakistan’s Climate Migrants Face Tough Odds

Ø  Hindsight Up Front: A Conversation with Afghan Women

Ø  Did the US-Africa Leaders Summit meet its objectives?

Ø  Afghanistan: UN envoy highlights need to continue dialogue with Taliban

Ø  Iran enriching ‘worrying quantities’ of uranium, in further blow for nuclear deal

Ø  UN envoy reports ‘sharp increase’ in violence this year in Israel-Palestine conflict

Ø  Global trade growth turns negative after record year: UNCTAD

Ø  Iran: US sanctions violating human rights of all living there, say UN experts

Ø  UN condemns Taliban decision to bar women from universities, calls for ‘immediate’ revocation

Ø  EU unity over Russia sanctions falters as Europe’s economy wiltsØ  Russia may cut oil output in response to price caps – deputy PM

Ø  Russia hopes US is wise enough to avoid direct confrontation — diplomat

Ø  The sooner conflict in Ukraine ends, the better, Putin says

Ø  Germany unable to act as ‘honest broker’ between Moscow, Kiev — Russian diplomat

Ø  Zelensky-Biden talks prove Ukraine, US not interested in peace — Foreign Ministry

Ø  Russia dismisses US decision to send Patriot missiles to Ukraine

Ø  Iran and EU signal continued work on nuclear deal in Jordan

Ø  EU countries agree gas price cap to battle energy crisis

Ø  SBP Weekly Data ReportØ  Sustaining a low current account deficit

Ø  Diversification of markets needed

Ø  IMF: back to square one

Ø  Death by a thousand cuts

Ø  SBP projects GDP growth to remain between at 3-4%

Ø  LC restrictions crippling industries

Ø  CAD shrinks to $3.1bn in July-November

Ø  Tourism can be a multi-billion industry, but it isn’t

Ø  S&P lowers Pakistan’s sovereign rating

Ø  Dependent population growing: SBP report

Ø  Oil rises $1 on Russian supply worries; U.S. storm impact eyed

Ø  Sharing ‘one’ air

Ø  WB okays $1.7bn for flood-hit Sindh

Ø  SBP warns of higher risks to food security

Ø  ‘Reducing population growth to help against climate change impacts’

Ø  ‘Pakistan may face alarming level of water scarcity by 2025’

Ø  Did This Year Move the Needle on Climate Change?