Ø  US-Pakistan Green Alliance framework

Ø  Pakistan opts out of US-hosted summit

Ø  American Consensus on Ukraine Has Fractured

Ø  The U.S. Should Get Over Its Short War Obsession

Ø  House Republicans Subpoena Blinken for Key Afghan Dissent Cable

Ø  AUKUS, deterrence and US foreign policy with Becca Wasser

Ø  Sharper: Iraq

Ø  Japan’s New Security Policies: A Long Road to Full Implementation

Ø  Ukraine Military Situation Report

Ø  The AUKUS Submarine Deal Highlights a Tectonic Shift in the U.S.-Australia Alliance

Ø  Report: Middle East and North Africa-China Relations

Ø  Report: A Threshold Alliance: The China-Pakistan Military Relationship

Ø  ILO calls for fresh support as job losses grip post-quake Türkiye and Syria

Ø  UNICEF alert to save millions from desperate hunger in Yemen

Ø  Pakistan: 10 million deprived of safe drinking water in flood-affected areas

Ø  Cosmic crops poised for harvest on Earth

Ø  UN 2023 Water Conference


Ø  More than 1 million take to the streets in France against unpopular pension reform

Ø  UK strikes biggest post-Brexit trade deal

Ø  Core inflation in the Eurozone reaches new all-time high of 5.7%, reflecting entrenched phenomenon

Ø  Hungarian PM sees world facing new war

Ø  West directly involved in the war against Russia – Lavrov

Ø  Russia, China have to take measures to protect relations from harm of sanctions – diplomat

Ø  Turkish parliament ratifies Finland’s NATO membership

Ø  US sanctions man accused of arms deal with North Korea and Russia

Ø  Ukraine prepares for counterattack as Putin makes nuclear threats

Ø  Austria’s far-right lawmakers walk out of Zelensky’s speech

Ø  Despite sanctions, EU keeps on doing business with Russia

Ø  Capture of Bakhmut means Putin will ‘smell’ weakness: Ukraine

Ø  Russia starts Yars intercontinental ballistic missile drills

Ø  Russia says oil sales to India soared 22-fold last year

Ø  UN Security Council turns down request for Nord Stream inquiry

Ø  Putin says Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus

Ø  Nordic countries plan joint air defence to counter Russian threat

Ø  EU’s decision to remove Pakistan from the list of high-risk countries

Ø  Pakistan strongly condemns another abhorrent act of desecration of the Holy Quran in Denmark


Ø  SBP Weekly Data ReportØ  Currency dealers offer $24b in loans to govt

Ø  ‘IMF wants external financing pledges first’

Ø  Govt starts outsourcing three major airports in Pakistan

Ø  Stagflation: a complicated situation for policymakers

Ø  Slumming it in Pakistan

Ø  Pakistan hails EU’s decision to remove high-risk label, sees it as a positive step

Ø  Exports fall as policymaking becomes rudderless

Ø  Profit outflows plunge 88pc in July-February

Ø  World Bank warns of ‘lost decade’ in global growth

Ø  Oil down marginally amid uncertainty over imminent US economic data

Ø  Pakistan becomes less vulnerable to climate change but running out of water fast: report

Ø  Pakistan fails to earn dollars through carbon credits

Ø  US-Pakistan Green Alliance framework

Ø  Mismatch of renewables

Ø  Lahore’s sick lungs

Ø  ‘Water efficiency is a necessity’

Ø  UN adopts landmark resolution to define global legal obligations on climate change