Ø  US drops Pakistan from CDC funding

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Ø  International Day of UN Peacekeepers honours 75 years of service and sacrifice

Ø  G7 nations, ‘central to climate action’ says Guterres, calling for global reset

Ø  Fresh diplomatic gains must match action on the ground in Syria to end war


Ø  US cuts data sharing with Russia under New START nuclear deal

Ø  Ukraine war: Russian borders attacked, Kyiv resists drone strikes, US satellites for Ukraine

Ø  European summit brings fresh hope for reconciliation between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Ø  Sweden will join NATO soon, Joe Biden promises

Ø  ‘Important moment for Moldova’ as European leaders gather for political summit

Ø  NATO divided on Ukrainian membership as Zelenskyy renews call


Ø  SBP Weekly Data ReportØ  Growth hinges on external sector

Ø  Outflow of profits falls 83pc

Ø  Economy faces serious fiscal risks: ministry

Ø  Pakistan rules out Plan B rumours incase of IMF programme failure

Ø  What happens if Pakistan defaults on debt?

Ø  Inflation hits record high as political turmoil simmers

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Ø  Govt looks for new IMF loan deal beyond stalled review

Ø  Oil prices rise as Congress approves US debt ceiling bill

Ø  World Bank okays $213m for flood protection

Ø  $100b climate forex guarantee sought

Ø  Maintaining wheat supply

Ø  Climate-smart NFC awards

Ø  ‘Green Alliance’ brings clean energy

Ø  Climate change issues: Pakistan cannot afford around 9pc GDP losses: Sherry

Ø  ‘Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity’—new status report on climate change and health