Issue Brief on “Cybersecurity under the Biden Administration: Issues and Way Forward”


Since January 20, 2021, the new US President, Joe Biden, has started ‘erasing the legacy of the Trump administration’ with the blitz of executive orders on healthcare, immigration, climate change, border wall, racism and immigration.[1] He extended the NEW START, the last remaining arms control treaty between the US and Russia after much delay by the Trump administration and negotiating to reenter the Iran Nuclear Deal. But how the Biden administration will reverse the damage being done to cybersecurity in the last four years and respond to ever-increasing cyber challenges at national and international levels are also critical issue areas to look at. President Biden in his speech at the US Department of State has promised to prioritise cybersecurity. “We’ve elevated the status of cyber issues within our government…. We are launching an urgent initiative to improve our capability, readiness and resilience in cyberspace,”[2] he said.

What are the key national and international cyber issues that demand significant attention? What measures President Biden has taken so far for cybersecurity? What the national and international community is expecting President Biden to do for security and strategic stability in cyberspace?

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