Issue Brief on “Reactions of the US Congress on the US Hasty Pullout from Afghanistan”


President Biden has been a proponent of bringing back forces even when he was the Vice President during the Obama administration and his top goal after coming into office remained the same – to bring back American troops from Afghanistan – the longest war in US history as he called it. The decision came under criticism after haphazard evacuations and the deadly blast that ripped through Kabul airport leaving 13 US service members and 169 civilians dead.[1] The US responded by a ‘defensive airstrike’ through a drone, killing 10 members of one family including seven children[2] garnering increased disapproval at home.

The US Congress echoed with a collective and bipartisan outcry over Biden’s administration’s handling of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the swift takeover of Kabul by the Taliban.[3] The withdrawal of American troops came under Congressional criticism in the US not only because of the decision but also because of the hasty manner with which it took place. The withdrawal and its execution also gave rise to a collective sense of failure at the level of the highest policy circles in Washington including its intelligencia.

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