Issue Brief on “Upcoming Astana Summit 2024: Charting a New Course for Regional Cooperation”


Amidst the changing global strategic dynamics, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members continue their efforts to forge closer ties and boost collaboration within the framework of the organization. The intent is to expand the horizons, thus establishing stronger relevance of the organization in the realm of multilateral global institutions. Considering the ongoing conflicts and increasing non-traditional security threats, the member states aim to ensure peace and development across Central Asia, Eurasia, and the larger region encompassing all member states.

It is important to note that SCO is not a military alliance as contended by some critics; rather it seeks to address major security threats in the region and establish a peaceful environment that boosts trade and cooperation among the member states.[1] In this context, the upcoming Astana Summit on July 3-4, 2024, offers an opportunity to deliberate on the pressing energy, trade, and economy issues and take steps towards desired outcomes. Moreover, the summit aims to strengthen the existing SCO mechanisms while addressing global issues such as food security, climate change, and counter-terrorism.[2]

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