Press Release – Celebrates 49th Foundation Day


Press Release
Celebrates 49th Foundation Day
June 16, 2022

The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) celebrated its 49th Foundation Day with full zeal and zest on June 16, 2022. The event was attended by the officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former diplomats, academics, members of the advisory boards of the five Centers of Excellence at ISSI, research faculty and staff of the Institute. Honorable Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zaradari graced the occasion as Chief Guest of the occasion.

Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Director General ISSI briefed participants about the reforms undertaken at the Institute and outlined priorities of ISSI’s vision 2023 which will coincide with the Institute’s 50th anniversary next year. He said “we are in the business of narrative building and countering negative narratives.”

The five Centres of Excellence – China-Pakistan Study Centre (CPSC), Arms Control and Disarmament Centre (ACDC),  India Study Centre (ISC), Centre for Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa and Centre for Strategic Perspectives (CSP)- focus on undertaking research and convening forums for objectives analysis on issues of direct relevance to Pakistan.

During his address, the Foreign Minister said that Pakistan is blessed with a unique advantage of its population which is not confined to Pakistan alone, but is present the worldover and contributes to every walk of life. He highlighted the importance of think-tanks and the role of thinkers in Pakistan’s foreign policy narratives. “If one is truly patriotic then one is willing to do whatever is necessary to safeguard the interests of  their country” , he said.  We all have to work together and think of ways to serve Pakistan in our best capacity. A deep re-think is needed of where Pakistan stands today and where it should stand in the future. Challenges should be taken as opportunities. A lot of potential is waiting to be unlocked and engagement is the answer. The most patriotic thing I can suggest as a FM of Pakistan is to conduct a humble foreign policy. The world is at crossroads in terms of geopolitical and geo-strategic shifts and turns and it is imperative that Pakistan should construct informed policy making which is a result of a healthy and open debate and dialogue, it would be better for the country. In this regard, he said, the Foreign Office should work closely with ISSI and with ISSI’s contribution and input an informed foreign policy can be constructed.

On the occasion each Centre presented the Foreign Minister with each center’s special projects which are in tandem with the needs of Pakistan.

CPSC presented its report; ACDC presented its report titled ‘Comprehensive National Security and Emerging Technologies’; ISC presented its report titled ‘Voices from Kashmir’; CAMEA presented its book titled ‘Evolving Situation in Afghanistan- International and Regional Perspectives and CSP presented its report titled ‘Economic Security of Pakistan: Challenges and Way Forward, Conversations, Perspectives, Research and Debate’. The Foreign Minister was also presented with ISSI’s International and National Outreach which is a culmination of the Institute’s linkages with foreign and national partners.