PRESS RELEASE – Coordinated International Response to the Humanitarian Challenges in Afghanistan


Coordinated International Response to the Humanitarian
Challenges in Afghanistan
World Peace Forum
Institute for International Relations, Tsinghua University, China
July 02, 2022

The Institute for International Relations at Tsinghua University, China organized the World Peace Forum on July 2, 2022. Director General, Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry participated in the session on Humanitarian Challenges in Afghanistan and Coordinated International Response. The session was moderated by Mr. Rong Ying, Vice President for China Institute of International Studies.

While giving his remarks, Ambassador Chaudhry was of the view that the world is undergoing considerable changes in the geopolitical landscape and with the Ukraine crisis capturing most of the headlines, there is not much attention being paid to Afghanistan, where a humanitarian crisis is ongoing. He further explained that since the Taliban takeover, Afghanistan has been plunged into an economic and financial crisis and there is an exponential increase in poverty and inflation, thus making Afghanistan as the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. Ambivalence surrounding the future of international assistance has strained the Afghan economy, he stated.

Ambassador Chaudhary concluded by saying that legitimacy and recognition both serve as an important factor for any government to operate independently within the boundaries and to participate in the international system. For that, he said that the Taliban government also needs to play its part and fulfil the expectations of the international community on women rights, inclusive government, and counter terrorism. This will help the regional and global community to coordinate better with the Taliban government, enable its participation in international organizations, and receive humanitarian aid.