Pakistan: an optimist’s take


I don’t know what worries me more. My own future or that of Pakistan. But I know for sure that I am because Pakistan is. There is definitely a lot to whine about and the pessimists seem to outnumber the optimists. Anyone will rattle off the reasons. The economy unravelling, lawlessness ruling, the population exploding, power outages increasing, governance crashing, the Right rampaging and the Left dying. Is it a bad dream? Do we ever get to wake up and see dawn breaking? I seethe against God for being so unkind. And then comes the epiphany. Change is wafting all around, engulfing us slowly but surely. Perhaps it is the unleashed media bent on unveiling the rot or the magically touched bourgeoisie flexing political muscle or perhaps, a nation finally beginning to rein in the demon of extremism. I feel the balmy breeze caressing my face.