Strategic Studies (Vol. 40, Summer 2020, No. 2)


Perception and Reality of Pakistan’s India Centric Foreign Policy Tabinda Siddiqui & Arif Mahmood
Pakistan-China Relations: Beyond CPEC Muhammad  Faisal
Environmental Rights and Case of Climate Justice in Pakistan Adeel Mukhtar Mirza
Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) Membership and Mainstreaming Non-NPT Nuclear Weapon State (NWS): Case Study of Pakistan and India Rubina Waseem
Pakistan-Iran Relations in the Evolving International Environment Fatima Raza
Pakistan-Turkmenistan Relations: Evaluating the Progress on TAPI Mir Sherbaz Khetran
Book Reviews  
Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia: New Technologies and Challenges to Sustainable Peace, Dr. Rizwana Abbasi, and Dr. Zafar Khan, New York: Routledge, 2020, 227. Ghazala Yasmin Jalil
Pakistan: The Economy of an Elitist State, Husain, Ishrat. Oxford University Press, second Edition, 2018, 538. Arhama Siddiqa
Hindu Nationalism in India: Ideology and Politics, Chakrabarty, Jha. Routledge New York, 2020, 289. Muhammad Abbas Hassan
India Moving: A History of Migration, Tumbe, Chinmay. Penguin Random House, 2018, 304. Shahroo Malik