Strategic Studies (Vol. 43, Winter 2023, No. 2)



Gwadar: China’s Future Gateway to the Middle East Ishtiaq Ahmad
Sino-U.S. Strategic Competition in the Asia-Pacific: Omnidirectional Hedging of Traditional Middle Powers Maheera Munir and Aiysha Safdar
Media Discourse on the Kashmir Conflict after Abrogation of Article 370 Ayesha Siddiqua and Muhammad Zubair Iqbal
Managing the Geopolitical Competition between China and India: Sri Lanka’s Strategic Balancing Act Summar Iqbal Babar
Hindu and Hindutva Ideology in Indian Polity: Examining Modi’s Administration Sabina Babar
Understanding Urban Warfare and its Manifestation in Russia-Ukraine War Zaid bin Inam and Sarwat Rauf