Strategic Studies (Vol. 42, Winter 2022, No. 2)



Soft Power in the Foreign Policy of Pakistan: Prospects and Potentials Khalid Saifullah and Irfan Hussain Qaisrani
The ‘Petrocurrency’ Determinants in Growing Sino-US Confrontation: Implication for South Asia Ahmed Ijaz Malik
Impact of Ukraine War on Global Energy and Food Supply Chains: A Case Study of South Asia Farah Naz and Martin Kear
Pakistan-India Relations: A Critical Appraisal of Power Politics Fahad Ahmed Misson
Belt and Road Initiative in South Asia: Security Imperatives Muhammad Sohail Mushtaq and Muhammad Riaz Shad
Indian Muslims’ Socio-Political and Economic Challenges in the Globalised World Sadia Khanum and Tasawar Hussain