Strategic Studies (Vol. 42, Summer 2022, No. 1)



US Indo-Pacific Strategy and Pakistan’s Foreign Policy: The Hedging Option Farhan Hanif Siddiqi
The Plebiscite Conundrum in Jammu and Kashmir (1947 to the Present Day) Victoria Schofield
99 Seconds to Midnight: A Case for Institutionalising Nuclear Risk Reduction Measures in South Asia Salma Malik
3-Cs of Cyberspace and Pakistan: Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Warfare Muhammad Nadeem Mirza  and Muhammad Shahzad Akram
Recognition of the Taliban Government in Afghanistan and International Community Muhammad Faheem and Minhas Majeed Khan
Russian South Asia Policy: From Estrangement to Pragmatism Almas Haider Naqvi and Syed Qandil Abbas