In-House Meeting on “International Cyber-Terror and Countermeasures” (Press Release)


The Institute hosted an In-House Meeting today on “International Cyber-Terror and Countermeasures”. The Speaker at the meeting was Professor Koh Young Choul, Research Professor on terrorism at the Institute for International Development, Takushoku University, Tokyo.

Professor Koh was accompanied by Dr Song Jong-hwan, Ambassador, Republic of Korea, Mr. Keewon Hong, DHM, Mr. Na Min-Hong, Staff Member, and Ms. Song Hye Baik, Intern at the Korean Embassy.

Professor Koh spoke in detail about the threat posed by cyber crime in contemporary times. He identified several forms of such criminal activities and how they are detrimental for state governments, businesses, as well as individuals. He identified some recent cases of cyber terrorism, and outlined how the perpetrators of such criminal activities used simple computer techniques to wreak havoc. The need for a unified counter strategy against cyber crimes was discussed along with the need for broadening of the purview of such initiatives to counter the growing trend of cyber crime and its usage for terrorist activities. Professor Koh termed the cyber crime to be the new form of warfare without gunfire. He stressed the need for a comprehensive approach to coin laws, and proposed that the United Nations should include this in its charter. He also appreciated the mention of such laws for curbing cyber terrorism in the recently announced National Action Plan in Pakistan.

Faraz H/032515