1. US dangles IMF aid for military rights in Pakistan
2. How the US-Pakistan alliance in the ‘War on Terror’ hijacked itself
3. Pakistan to change United States envoy soon
4. Who’s attending (Biden and Modi), and who isn’t (Putin and Xi)
5. China accelerates nuclear weapons expansion, seeks 1,000 warheads or more, Pentagon says
6. Report: Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China
7. The U.S. is no longer setting the agenda in Afghanistan
8.  After Afghan Withdrawal, US, Pakistan Work to Rebuild Trust
9. Coup-Related Restrictions in U.S. Foreign Aid Appropriations
10. The US can’t go back to business as usual with Pakistan
11. United Nations Issues: U.S. Funding of U.N. Peacekeeping
12. COP26: ‘Not blah blah blah’, UN Special Envoy Carney presents watershed private sector commitment for climate finance
13. ‘Climate of fear’ prevails for human rights defenders in Afghanistan
14. World leaders, corporations at COP26, take major step to restore and protect forests
15. COP26: Enough of ‘treating nature like a toilet’ – Guterres brings stark call for climate action to Glasgow      
1. Terrorist threat still coming from Afghanistan after Taliban came to power – diplomat
2. Russia and CSTO effectively cooperate to combat threats from Afghanistan – diplomat
3. Russian top diplomat urges US to prevent humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan
4. Russia to reach carbon neutrality by 2060, says strategy
5. US sends command ship to Black Sea for operations with NATO
6. India’s envoy to Russia looks forward to inking defense deals at December summit
7. Current crisis in Russia-US ties may be more dangerous than Cold War – senior diplomat
8. AUKUS row: French envoy accuses Australia of ‘intentional deciet’
9. Dozens of nations back pledge to slash methane emissions at COP26
10. EU legislators make historic visit to Taiwan amid China concerns
1. SBP Weekly Data Report
2. 20m families to get Rs1,000 subsidy every month under Ehsaas Rashan Programme
3. Accord with IMF to be signed this week: Shaukat Tarin
4. Pakistan’s textile exports hit all-time high of $6.04b in July-Oct
5. The road toward economic recovery in South Asia
6. SBP chief insists economy will grow by around 5% in FY2022
7. World Bank ponders relocation of Karachi Port
8. Inland Waterways Transport Study in Pakistan : An Implementable Vision for Revival and Development
9. Export of services rises to $1.572bn in Q1
10. Balancing consumption with exports, investment
11. Germany inks €129m project financing pact
12. Economic inclusion of women: nothing will change until we do
13. Challenges for tourism bonanza in Pakistan
14. Govt seeks two emergency cargoes of LNG to avert supply disruption this month
15. Govt encouraging foreign investment to increase microfinance banking footprint in Pakistan: Tarin
16. Pakistan’s public debt to GDP ratio to ease in FY22, FY23
17. ‘Abide by HR regimes to qualify for GSP plus’
18. Exports rise 17.5pc to $2.47bn in October
19. Weekly inflation records fourth straight increase of 1.23pc
20. Oil gains around 1% after OPEC+ holds line on supply
21. A roadmap to deliver a green, inclusive and resilient recovery in South Asia
22. ‘We don’t believe in net-zero at the moment’ – Pakistan’s top climate official at COP26
23. Rethinking water governance in Pakistan
24. COP26: UK pledges £55m to Pakistan to fight climate change
25. Pakistan unveils ESR climate initiative at COP26 summit
26.Pakistan signs US led Global Methane Pledge at COP26
27. Financing climate transition
28. COP26 climate change summit: So far, so good-ish
29. ‘Dramatic’ boost needed in climate adaptation: UN environment agency
30.Over 100 countries join methane pledge but China, India, Australia and Russia stay out