Ø  US willing to fund Afghan border security: BilawalØ  Pakistan and the US Join Hands Against the Pakistani Taliban

Ø  Pakistan Army Vows to Eliminate Taliban Offshoot as Attacks Rise

Ø  The Dawn of Drone Diplomacy

Ø  The U.S. Will Send a Patriot Air Defense System to Ukraine How Will It Help?

Ø  The Kingdom and the Power

Ø  Key economic policy developments in 2022 and what to expect in 2023

Ø  Another Clash on the India-China Border Underscores Risks of Militarization

Ø  The U.N. Climate Conference 2022 (COP27): Outcomes

Ø  2022 Year In Review: As conflicts rage, international dialogue remains ‘the only hope’ for peace

Ø  WMO releases ‘tell-tale signs’ of extreme weather conditions around the world

Ø  Iran: US sanctions violating human rights of all living there, say UN experts

Ø  ‘Unfathomable restrictions’ on women’s rights risk destabilizing Afghanistan; Security Council voices deep alarm

Ø  UN condemns Taliban decision to bar women from universities, calls for ‘immediate’ revocation


Ø  Russia can send natural gas to Pakistan and Afghanistan in long term: Deputy PMØ  Russia to continue mediating between Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kremlin assures

Ø  Integration of power grids of Crimea, rest of Russia completed – Deputy Energy Minister

Ø  Bosnia nominates first female Croat PM-designate

Ø  Turkey, Syria, Russia defence ministers hold talks in Moscow

Ø  China defends Ukraine war stance, aims to deepen ties with Russia

Ø  Putin ‘ready for talks’ as Russian missiles rain down on Ukraine

Ø  Ukraine’s Zelenskyy seeks India’s help with ‘peace formula’

Ø  Russia bans oil sales to nations, firms complying with price cap

Ø  Lavrov warns Russia will disrupt Western arms supplies to Ukraine

Ø  Russia rejects Zelenskyy’s ‘peace formula’: Lavrov

Ø  Russian diplomat, Indian politician spar over oligarch’s death

Ø  Putin-Xi discuss military cooperation

Ø  French defence minister promises more military support for Ukraine


Ø  SBP Weekly Data ReportØ  Pakistan to meet ‘external debt servicing obligations’

Ø  Presidential ordinance likely to bring mini-budget

Ø  Crisis alert: SBP forex reserves hit near 8-year low at $5.821bn

Ø  Development spending drops 38pc in July-Nov

Ø  Pakistan to spend $3bn on flood recovery by end-June

Ø  Pakistan to seek US help to secure $13bn loans at Geneva moot

Ø  Political uncertainty to impact economic stability

Ø  Exporting talent

Ø  IMF asks Pakistan to meet demands within three weeks to revive stalled programme

Ø  ‘Fishing’ for exports

Ø  Oil set to end turbulent 2022 modestly higher

Ø  Saving water, one drip at a time

Ø  Monuments of maladaptation

Ø  An unyielding year for agriculture in Pakistan

Ø  Pakistan’s foray into renewable energy

Ø  Fighting climate change, and the rhetoric

Ø  Why is Pakistan’s food security so precarious?

Ø  Pakistan floods reminder that climate change will bring more disasters in future: UN report

Ø  Food security under threat