1. Deadly floods hit China’s major grain-producing region, fueling food security concerns

2. China tells Philippines to remove grounded warship in South China Sea

3. China drops tariffs against Australian barley

4. China lodges solemn representations to Japan over defense white paper interfering in internal affairs

5. China’s Military Influence in Africa Grows as Russia’s Diminishes

6. At least 20 killed and 27 missing as deadly flooding in China worsens and rescues continue

7. China’s central bank to guide more financial resources to support private sector

8. China urges U.S. to respect its maritime rights


1. Interfax-Kazakhstan issues its 975th Oil&Gas Report

2 Kazakhstan Considers Route for Exports to Persian Gulf Countries

3. Kyrgyzstan Says Border With Tajikistan Can Reopen ‘Gradually’ After Delimitation Work

4. Turkmenistan wants the EU to help build a Trans-Caspian pipeline

5. Turkey-Armenia, Azerbaijan-Armenia relations’ normalization process should proceed in parallel

6. Presidents of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan hold first-ever summit


1. Japan expresses concern over China-Russia drills

2. Philippines summons China envoy as tensions escalate over disputed waters

3. US to Expand Security Cooperation with S. Korea, Japan

4. Pentagon: US to Expand Security Cooperation with S. Korea, Japan

5. Malaysia Needs To Implement Multi-Year Wage Plan To Become a Leading Country in Asia