1. Taliban leader stands firm on his Islamic governance in Afghanistan

2. Efforts to Start Afghanistan Contact Group Halted by Regional Discord

3. Heavy rains and floods kill over 100 across Pakistan and Afghanistan

4. Delegates of Afghan Union in Europe Meet with Mawlawi Abdul Kabir

5. PAJCCI wants cargo train service revived

6. Second Phase of Migrant Deportation; Over 50 Afghans Expelled from Pakistan

7.  US military’s additional review into deadly Kabul airport attack concludes troops did not see bomber ahead of attack

8. Russia and Tajikistan hold joint drills along Afghanistan border

9. Modern education significant to sustain current system: Umari

10. Turkey detains 16 Afghan immigrants headline to Greece

Middle East

11. Israel releases 150 Palestinians as region remains tense

12. Slovenia, Spain to make moves towards recognition of Palestinian state

13. Russia’s Putin urges restraint in call with Iran’s Raisi as tensions soar

14. Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq reopen airspace closed over Iran’s attacks on Israel

15. ​​Denmark to close its Iraq embassy

16. Heavy rains hit UAE as 18 people lose lives in Oman after flooding

17. Turkish Foreign Minister To Visit Qatar For Bilateral Talks

18. Explosions heard in Syria amid escalating tensions between Iran, Israel


19. Russian weapons and trainers arrive in Niger weeks after US military agreement ends

20. South Africa’s Jacob Zuma wins court bid to contest upcoming election

21. Sudan war: risk of famine looms

22. Flip Side: Should Africa ditch underperforming currencies?

23. Mali bans political party activities as calls for elections grow