ACDC News and Views (June 20-26, 2024)


1. U.S. and China hold first informal nuclear talks in five years

2. Iran Calls for New Nuclear Talks Amid Worsening Middle East Crisis

3.  Iran and UN Security Council Resolution 2231: E3 Joint Statement

4. Russia is revising its nuclear doctrine, Kremlin says

5. Russia could reduce decision time for use of nuclear weapons, lawmaker says

6.  Suspected North Korean hypersonic missile exploded, South Korea says

7. US aircraft carrier arrives in South Korea amid tensions with North Korea

8. Yoon denounces defense treaty between N. Korea, Russia as ‘anachronistic’

9. European powers step up air, sea drills in Japan’s backyard — and China’s

10. Australian opposition details plan for 7 nuclear power plants if elected

11. China, France launch satellite to better understand universe

12. China’s lunar probe Chang’e-6 returns from far side of the moon


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