ACDC NEWS & VIEWS (October 6 – 12, 2022)


1.UN Disarmament Fellows briefed on Pakistan’s perspective on arms control, nuclear non-proliferation 

2.Pakistan conducts joint military exercise with five countries

3.Exclusive: Iran racing to expand enrichment at underground plant, IAEA report shows

4.Tehran eying a nuclear deal

 5.North Korea says missile launches were nuclear attack simulation on South 

6.‘North Korea has already won’: US urged to abandon denuclearisation ‘farce’

7.India, US, UK, France strongly condemn North Korea’s ballistic missile launch 

​8.Poland suggests hosting US nuclear weapons amid growing fears of Putin’s threats

9.Putin asserts control over Ukraine nuclear plant, Kyiv disagrees

10.Ukraine leader says Putin wouldn’t survive nuclear attack

11.Ukraine war: Biden says nuclear risk highest since 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

 12.Russian ally cancels Russian-led military drill on its land

13.Japanese, US forces simulate ‘joint defense’ during 14-day exercises

14.Indian Navy to join Exercise Malabar in Japan next month

15.Report highlights US concerns over China’s space infrastructure in South America


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