ACDC News & Views – Weekly (October 21 – 28, 2020)


1. Iran Nuclear Deal Crucial for Gulf Security, UN Chief Says

2. UN Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons Set to Enter into Force in January

3. Japan will not Join UN Nuclear Ban Treaty, Says Government Spokesman

4. US Urges Countries to Withdraw from UN Nuke Ban Treaty

5. United States Charges Russian Military Intelligence Officers for Cyber Crimes

6. US, Russia Close to Deal on Arms Control – Department of State

7. Russia, China Military Alliance ‘Quite Possible’, Putin Says

8. Beijing gives Cautious Welcome to Vladimir Putin’s Hint over Russia-China Military Alliance

9. Any Attempt to Destabilise Country will be Responded Firmly, Warns COAS

10. Indian Military to Get Access to US Satellite Data, Agreement Today

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