1. ​Russian, Iranian, Chinese, Pakistani Foreign Ministers Attend High-Level Conference On Afghanistan
2. UN says leaving Afghanistan would be ‘heartbreaking’
3. Mujahid: China Helped Afghanistan By Maintaining Embassy
4. Afghanistan: UN predicts restrictions on women’s rights will worsen economic catastrophe
5. Pakistani diplomat assumes charge after return to Kabul
6. Iran Spells Out Its Position on Afghanistan
7. Afghanistan withdrawal review mostly blames Trump
8. IEA desires relations with world based on mutual respect
9. Bilawal assures Afghan FM Muttaqi of commitment to ‘stable Afghanistan’
10. Iran, Pakistan play key role in helping Afghanistan

Middle East

11. ​ Qatar and UAE in process of restoring diplomatic ties: official
12. US sets $259 million F-16 equipment sale to Turkey
13. UAE In-Focus: Inflation to drop; economic outlook remains strong, says minister
14. UK wants to build submarines with Turkey, says Erdogan
15. Pakistan receives $3b from Saudi Arabia, UAE: Shehbaz
16. China ready to broker Israel-Palestine peace talks, says foreign minister
17. Saudi foreign minister meets Syria’s Assad in Damascus
18. Palestine’s Abbas in Saudi Arabia for King Salman, MBS meetings
19. Yemen rebels and government complete prisoner exchange


20. Fighting continues in Sudan hours after ceasefire was to begin
21. ​Djibouti’s Parliament speaker meets Cuban ambassador
22. Somalia rebuilds: ‘the glass is now half-full
23. Is the Party Over in Nigeria?