1. Afghan Taliban kills Daesh ‘mastermind’ of Kabul airport attack
2. Asian Development Bank Commits $405M in Aid Grants for Afghanistan
3. Top Afghanistan officials affirm Iran’s rights to Helmand water
4. Majority of Afghans live in poverty, US aid cuts to blame
5. Qatar supports students in Afghanistan with 60 tonnes of educational material
6. Islamic Emirate Denies Washington Post’s Report on Daesh in Afghanistan
7. Afghan Taliban ready to help US in countering IS: report
8. Karzai, Otunbayeva talk preparations for Doha conference
9. Death toll soars following massive landslide in Afghanistan-Pakistan border

Middle East

10. ​Russia’s defense minister hosts four-way talks aimed at normalizing Turkey-Syria ties
11. TCG-Anadolu: A game-changer for Turkish armed forces
12. Iran-Saudi Reconciliation: A Hope for the Region?
13. 20 Years After Liberation, Iraq Needs Root-and-Branch Reform
14. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia set to sign deal for $2 billion deposits
15. Report: French Oil Giant Total Energies Involved in Large-Scale Pollution of Yemen Environment
16. In latest diplomatic push, Saudi Arabia hosts Palestinian rivals
17. Egypt’s parliament approves President Sisi’s new package of wage and pension hikes


18. SA to exit ICC: Ramaphosa
19. Who is fighting who in Sudan, and why?
20. ‘Weak and traumatised’ survivors found as 89 bodies recovered in Kenya starvation cult case
21. World Malaria Day: Despite Efforts, Nigeria Accounts For 32% Global Malaria Deaths