1.US drone strike kills al Qaeda chief Zawahiri in Afghanistan
2. US killing al-Zawahiri in Kabul a violation of Doha pact: Taliban
3. Tashkent Mtg Participants Show Readiness to Engage With Kabul
4. Students Call for Girls’ Schools to Be Reopened
5. For first time, Zabul’s Nowbahar district gets telecom services
6.  Several wounded in grenade blast at cricket match in Afghanistan
7.  Another $40m cash aid reaches Afghanistan: DAB
8.40 people killed, wounded in Afghanistan last week
9.US and Taliban exchange proposals for release of funds: Report
10.Afghan-Iran border clash: Taliban says one killed
11.New report on Afghanistan reconstruction shows bleak outlook for women
12.4,010 Afghans return, deported from Iran: MoRR
Middle East
13.​Issuing fresh sanctions on Iran, US targets Chinese, UAE firms
14. Pak-UAE to boost bilateral relations
15. Turkish President Erdogan ‘deserves Nobel Peace Prize’ for Ukraine deal
16. Turkish foreign minister stresses importance of peace, stability in Balkans
 17.NEOM launches public exhibition showcasing THE LINE designs
 18.The UK-funded ‘black hole’ prisons housing children in cells without sunlight
 19.US to resupply Thaad, Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia, UAE
20. Fears that Egypt may use Cop27 to whitewash human rights abuses
 21.Hezbollah airs video of Israeli barges in disputed maritime area
22. Sudan’s Hemetti admits coup failure to achieve goals
23. Somalia names former al-Shabab spokesperson as religion minister
24. Egypt, Djibouti discuss developing trade exchange, joint investments
25. Ivory Coast Demands Release of Soldiers in Mali