1. Taliban marks two years since return to power in Afghanistan

2. Blast in eastern Afghanistan kills 3, wounds 7 at hotel frequented by Pakistani refugees

3. Ghani Claims Republic Govt’s Collapse Was Due to ‘Deals’

4. Mawlawi Abdul Kabir: Islamic Emirate Will be Recognized by the World

5. Gordon Brown calls for Taliban to face crimes against humanity charges

6. Russia: IEA trying to rebuild Afghan economy

7. Global fraternity must not forget Afghans: Guterres

8. Nations Failing to Ensure Their Security Blame Afghanistan: Yaqoob Mujahid

9. Afghan universities ready to readmit women but not until Taliban leader says it’s ok, official says

Middle East

10. Turkey’s Kaan fighter targets overseas partners

11. Iran Warns of Caspian Sea’s Shrinking Coastline

12. Qatar Still Has Enormous Volume of LNG Left to Market

13. Iraq awards CNPC $194 million contract

14. Pakistani scholars, diplomats commend Saudi Arabia for global dialogue on Muslim unity, Islam’s understanding

15. UAE-backed forces surround Yemen PM in Aden

16. Is Israel’s Netanyahu shifting the blame for judicial reforms fallout?

17. ‘Turning point’: What happened during Egypt’s Rabaa massacre 10 years ago?


18. South Africa, China strike $2.2b trade agreements

19. Kenya keen to avail opportunities in Pakistan

20. Somalia suspends athletics head after runner goes viral in snail-paced 100m;’

21. Ethiopia Amhara violence: Why are militias and government forces fighting?