1. Afghanistan: Taliban bans women from universities amid condemnation

2. Pakistan, Afghanistan agree on mutual consultation to resolve border issues

3. No Compromise in Engagement with the World: Khalid Hanafi

4. Afghanistan: UN envoy highlights need to continue dialogue with Taliban

5. Ulema head to Afghanistan’s Kandahar for talks on border clashes



Afghanistan-Pakistan border shelling kills civilians

7. Afghanistan: Taliban urged to halt public floggings and executions

8. World Continues to Fail Afghanistan as Another Freezing Winter Sets in

9. Muttaqi says Afghanistan and Iran can cooperate in a number of sectors

10. Bannu attack: Talks with ‘TTP underway in Afghanistan’

Middle East



Saudi-Iran talks said to have stalled over protests in Iran



Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports at 30-month high: JODI data



Irish soldier killed in attack on UN convoy in Lebanon

14. France and Morocco resume diplomatic cooperation

15. ​Kuwait Defence Ministry to co-operate with parliamentary probe into military deals

16. Turkish jets respond to Greek intervention on joint NATO drill

17. Turkish forces capture Daesh terrorist on Interpol wanted list

18. Iran says four security forces killed near Pakistan border

19. UAE strongly condemns attack targeting security forces in northern Iraq


20. ‘Freak’ wave kills 3 beachgoers and injures 17 in South Africa

21. Sudanese security forces tear-gas pro-democracy protesters

22. Mauritius to Hike Power Tariffs for Households, Trade

23. IMF Staff Completes 2022 Article IV Mission to Djibouti

24. Egypt discovers large gas field in Mediterranean, minister says

25. Seychelles outlines strategy to boost entrepreneurship