1.Pakistan remains committed to Afghanistan’s stability: COAS
2.Putin Discusses Afghan Border with Tajikistan’s President
3.Electricity contract signed between Afghanistan, Tajikistan
4.Afghanistan: Taliban create new police unit to protect educational institutes
5.Kazakhstan Sends $1.9 Million in Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan
6.No threat from Afghanistan’s borders to region: Taliban reacted to Putin’s concerns
7.US creates commission to assess two-decade war in Afghanistan
8.Taliban asks national and international companies to sign with them security contracts
9.Kabul Airport May Be Run Jointly by Turkey, Qatar, UAE\
10.Princess Mariam Naim Buried in Kabul

Middle East

11.Israeli air raid targets key Syrian port of Latakia: State media
12.Lebanon’s President Aoun calls for ‘urgent’ national dialogue
13.100 Houthis killed in heavy fighting around Yemen’s Marib city
14.Libya Parliament Suspends Session Without Crisis Breakthrough
15.Iran president set to visit Russia early in new year
16.Iran’s foreign minister in Pakistan amid tensions with U.S.
17.Iraq’s Supreme Court ratifies contested election results
18.Russia welcomes UAE and others to UN’s top chamber


19.   Omicron May Cut Delta Infections, South African Study Shows
20. Zimbabwe: Msipa Settles Well in Turkey
21.‘A sliver of hope’ for peace in Ethiopia
22.Security forces loyal to Somalia PM gather outside presidential palace