1. ​Afghanistan Future Thought Forum Calls to Lift Restrictions on Females
2. West calls for reversal of curbs on Afghan women
3. Afghanistan: Humanitarians await guidelines on women’s role in aid operations
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Russia, Pakistan to work for stability in Afghanistan
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9. Taliban Tell Pakistan Not to Blame Afghanistan for Mosque Bombing
10. US imposes visa restrictions on Taliban members involved in repression of women and girls
Middle East


​’They call us garbage people’: The Syrians surviving off US army waste


UK gov’t facing High Court battle over arms sales to Saudi Arabia


Yemen crisis: WFP gives Marib’s displaced fewer, lighter food packets
14. Blinken arrives in Egypt as Israeli-Palestinian tensions soar
15. ​ US not interested in pressing Israel amid violence: Experts
16. ​Erdogan says Turkey may block Sweden’s Nato membership bid
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19. Qatar, Kuwait discuss ties in transportation
20. Killing of Pakistani journalist Sharif in Kenya ‘planned’: Report
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