1. British Special Forces block former Afghan counterparts from relocating to UK, documents reveal

2. Acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum meets Russian investor

3. Enhanced trade via Kharlachi, Ghulam Khan demanded

4. Experts call for mutual understanding for stable Pakistan-Afghanistan ties

5. Doha meeting agrees appointing UN special envoy for Afghanistan

6. Conspirators can’t stop Afghanistan from moving forward: Mujahid

7. Current system; mirror of united and independent Afghanistan

8. Afghanistan: Girls urge Taliban to lift education restrictions

Middle East

9. Gas Cylinders Floating in Syria: Thousands of Gas Cylinders Get Swept Away After Flood Water Caused by Heavy Rain Enters Large Fuel Store in Latakia;

10. Satellite photos show construction on Egypt’s border with Gaza

11. Palestinian minister accuses Israel of ‘colonialism and apartheid’ at ICJ

12. Megaprojects in the Desert Sap Saudi Arabia’s Cash

13. Iran says Israel behind attacks on gas pipelines

14. UAE’s Thuraya to launch satellite-connected smartphone ‘Skyphone’ for businesses – and consumers—and-consumers-1.1708593802062

15. Libya armed groups agree to leave Tripoli after deadly fighting: Minister


16. Somalia signs defence, economic cooperation deal with Turkey

17. Sudanese Army Aims to Regain Ground, Public Support Against RSF

18. President Cyril Ramaphosa meets with US delegation from Congress

19. Mutasa, Mliswa Land Fight Deepens