1.  How Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis could impact global security
 2.Taliban to create Afghanistan ‘grand army’ with old regime troops
 3.Groups Seek to Destabilize Bamiyan, Says Commander
 4.Tribal jirgas visit Afghanistan for peace talks: sources
 5.US restricts import of Afghan cultural items to prevent ‘pillage’
 6.Haqqani: ‘Silent’ Intl Recognition of Govt Underway
 7.ICRC to directly pay Afghan health workers’ salaries
 8.Pakistan allows first shipment of Indian wheat to Afghanistan
 9.Children on the edge of life in Afghanistan
 10.UNICEF to pay stipend to Afghan teachers as ’emergency support’
11.Risks of terrorism spillover out of Afghanistan show how adept terrorists are at exploiting ‘power vacuums’: UN chief
 12.Pakistan and Uzbekistan agree to further expedite Trans Afghan Railway project
 13.Balochistan Assembly adopts resolution about relief for Afghanistan
 14.Malaysia sends humanitarian aid to Afghanistan today
Middle East
15. Syria backs Russian recognition of east Ukraine breakaway regions
 16.Saudi Arabia plans for fresh round of talks with Iran: FM
 17.Morocco and Israel sign trade and investment cooperation deal
18. Egypt prepares to host the UN climate change summit
 19.Turkey says Russian recognition of breakaway regions in Ukraine ‘unacceptable’
 20.NATO member Turkey, opposed to sanctions, in bind over Ukraine
 21.Gas Exporting Countries Forum in Qatar: Who said what
 22.Iran’s Raisi discusses nuclear talks with Qatari emir in Doha
 23.UN ends Iraq’s requirement to pay victims of Kuwait invasion
 24.Pakistan: UAE’s Dhabi Group to build Lahore’s tallest building
25.Pakistan, Ethopia express satisfaction at overall trajectory of bilateral relations
26.Russia Steadily Rebuilding Presence in Africa
27.Djibouti Inclusion – Connectivity – Institutions (ICI): A major step for the country’s emergence
28.UN expert in Sudan to verify rights violations after coup