1. Taliban and China firm agree Afghanistan oil extraction deal
2. Afghanistan: Top UN delegation tells Taliban to end confinement, deprivation, abuse of women’s rights
3. Taliban Arrest Chinese Nationals for Allegedly Smuggling Afghan Lithiump
4. Guterres Calls on ‘Taliban’ to Reverse Ban on Female Access to Education
5. Turkmenistan extends agreement with Afghanistan on electricity supply
6. Price: US ‘Evaluating With Allies’ Next Steps in Afghanistan
7. Dozens of people killed as cold wave sweeps Afghanistan
8. FM to OIC rep: Issues can be solved via coordination
9. WFP Afghanistan: Situation Report, 18 January 2023
10. Organization of Islamic Cooperation Distributes Aid in Kabul

Middle East

11. ​Pakistan, Qatar to boost cooperation
12. India-UAE Partnership Summit calls for economic partnerships to drive development plans
13. Iran’s currency hits record low amid tensions with the West
14. Erdogan: Turkey Elections to Be Held May 14
15. Turkey postpones NATO meeting with Sweden, Finland: State TV
16. Saudi Aramco talks sustainable development at Real Estate Future Forum in Riyadh
17. Israeli restrictions risk turning West Bank into ‘another Gaza’
18. Dozens of women qualify to drive Haramain Express Train in Saudi Arabia Previous
19. 10 killed in building collapse in Syria’s Aleppo


20. ​​Why South Africa continues to be neutral in Ukraine-Russia war
21. ​US Strike Kills 2 Al-Shabaab Terrorists In Somalia – Africa Command
22. Africa will get a new $1 billion spaceport in Djibouti
23. Seychelles: Observers to Be Deployed On Taiwanese Fishing Vessels Operating in Seychelles’ Waters