1. A three-day gathering of Islamic clerics was held from Thursday to Saturday
2. Girls Education raised at all-male Kabul Jirga
3. US’s Amiri Chooses Not to Meet With Islamic Emirate in Doha
4. Russia will work to ‘normalise’ Afghanistan, says Putin
5. Muttaqi Meets US Special Envoy West in Qatar
6.  US re-engagement with Taliban may lead to release of $9bn
7.  Afghan scholars reject armed opposition against Taliban, call for int’l recognition
8.Coal starts coming in from Afghanistan
9.“We must not promote famine” Khar calls for easing sanctions on Afghanistan
10.UNAMA’s Acting head wants school opened ‘In practice,’ Not Just Talk
11.Afghans Stranded in Pakistan Allowed To Return With IDs
12.Afghan officials fled to luxury homes leaving millions to suffer
13.No Respite in Sight for Afghanistan
Middle East
14.​Al Jazeera reporter likely killed by unintentional gunfire from Israeli positions, US says
15. King Salman approves $5.32bn to help citizens affected by rise in global commodity prices
16. Erdogan says Sweden, Finland must fulfil NATO agreement promises
17. Yemeni troops launch campaign against Al-Qaeda
18. Iran ready for ‘next stage’ of talks with US on nuclear deal
19.Israeli PM to press France on Iran, warn Hezbollah ‘playing with fire’
20. Weathering sandstorms, Iraqis grit teeth and battle on
21. Biden says he won’t ask Saudi Arabia to pump more oil during trip
22. Ethiopia’s Abiy reports new civilian killings in Oromia
23. Africa’s desperate hunger: Ukraine war pushes Somalia toward famine
24. West African leaders lift economic sanctions on Mali
25. Congo and Rwanda to meet for talks amid tensions over rebels
26. Aid to Ukraine should not come at Africa’s expense