1. Islamic Emirate Abolishes Attorney General’s Office, to prevent the congestion of departments.

2. Afghan Girls Request Inclusion in University Exam.

3. US joins Pakistan in urging Taliban to prevent Afghanistan from becoming ‘safe haven’ for terrorists.

4. Afghanistan to boost carpet production as demand rises, especially from China

5. Pakistan Should Not Blame Its Shortcomings on Afghanistan: Mujahid

6. UN says the Taliban have further increased restrictions on Afghan women and girls

7. Taliban Suspend Swedish Activities in Afghanistan Over Quran

8. Afghanistan’s Dire Humanitarian Situation

9. Funding Shortages Crippling Aid Efforts in Afghanistan

10. Taliban: MP claims Afghanistan a ‘country transformed’

Middle East

11. US sends F-35s, Navy destroyer to Middle East amid aggressive moves by Russia, Iran

12. Constant fear’ in Gaza as Israel continues assault. Islamic Jihad commander killed in Israeli air raid as foreign mediators press ahead with ceasefire efforts

13. Turkey’s Erdogan arrives in Saudi Arabia to kick off Gulf tour. Turkish president will also visit Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as he seeks to boost foreign investment

14. Japan and UAE ink deals on innovation, trade, climate change cooperation

15. ‘I am a prisoner’: women fight Middle Eastern laws that keep them trapped at home

16. Yemen: Anger mounts in Aden as temperatures and power outages soar

17. Saudi Arabia signs drone deals with Turkey’s Baykar


18. South Africa’s ANC meets BRICS political parties ahead of summit.

19. Algeria and China reinforce cooperation.

20. Kenya on the verge of tabling anti-LGBTQ bill in parliament.

21. EU, Tunisia sign deal to fight illegal migration.